What Are Your Moves Tomorrow, June 21, 2021
"The mods hate this stock, they get rid of all the DD about it"
Chad Money: Episode 5
“So how much money have you made off all those meme stocks you bought into?”
Wall Street Bets Guide to Options: Insiders Only! Volume I
$TSLA Chart - Anyone Else Notice This?
Why are all of the $CLOV post removed from this sub?
Zoomer Ape Predict huge move incoming for $BB
$AMC Reversed nicely after the New Moon for the perfect setup for this week's Super Full MOON - If History Repeats Itself, Big Move Incoming!
I’m going for the high score!
An update from a crazy mostly-options trader
I built a program that tracks mentions and sentiment of stocks across Reddit and Twitter! This week's most discussed and top growing stocks!
$CLNE - Jacked for Monday 🚀
$CRSR gains from Monday. Now buying $CLNE
100k on $PLTR. first post here. double soon?
MODS. Time for BobbyPhistHer to put up or ban.
Due Diligence On WSB This Month
Yolod my entire account into CRSR. Perfect entry point. Don’t miss out! If you know you know.
All-American steel YOLO. 100% of my portfolio... I'll see you at the lambo dealership or behind the Chic-Fil-A (the parking lot is empty on Sundays)
Strategic Reduction of tax burden (25k loss)
My wife thinks I’m having an affair with Robin.
$CLF - Looking Bullish - No triangles, lines and circles only - I promise.
A Fathers' Day memory for those who go back to the 1970s (and WSB a couple of year ago). Welcome back... Rite Aid ( RAD )? A one-time darling of WallStreetBets OG crowd vies to make a comeback and regain its position among meme stocks. ( $RAD earnings are due out Thursday, June 24, 2021 )
Happy father's day!
Tesla Diamond Hands
CLOV: Why this Surgeon invested everything into this health care company.
Diamond hands doesn't work with OTM call options, retards.
NOK, Nokia's conducting a trial using its unique Liquid Cooling AirScale Baseband solution
Refinanced my house and put it all in $WISH (400k+ YOLO)
im drunk, stocks are fake, everyone just be fucking chill and nice to each other
BETS BEING PAID - $60 pay-up time!
What caused the price of lumber to drop recently?
$AMC Position Update: Still holding 2000 shares and have captured 100k more in gains through CC’s even while price dropped $15!
Fraternal Association of Gambling Gentlemen and Yacht Degenerates for June 20, 2021
Long time ape reader, first time ape poster. Riding this AMC train to the moon with you all. I believe! 15 more shares at $60.
I believe in the company , 2 billion in hands and no debt .
DD YOLO Freedom or Foodstamps Mega meme
Retail investors are on pace to sink a record $1 trillion into stocks this year - and the flows have actually accelerated over the past month, JPMorgan says
$PLTR - Probably The Best "Meme" Stock Setup
Test Your Technical Analysis
GNRC ⚡️⚡️ DD with 40k calls YOLO
Carnival Cruise Line Ramps Up: Sail Date Updates By Ship
Market Perspective: Recent Trends and Performance in Charts
Went full retard in april, no intention to sell anytime soon.
CCS- The Company Making a Shit Ton of Cash Currently, and that will make a metric shit ton of cash in the future. The Deeply Undervalued Stock That's The Supreme Anti Inflation Play.
Spreadsheet I created that calculates call and put pricing on future dates and underlying prices using the Black-Scholes equation.
AMC Spotted in San Francisco
Apart from bros typical choices, look to lower prices for space to run!!
Fucked up, what’s next