There is a man who filmed himself annually for 35 years and made a video going backwards to 1977.
The Most Bizarre House You've Ever Seen
Taking pictures of a random person then a bus full of people cheering for them
Brazilian dog playing beach soccer skillfully
Positive affirmations for your me(n)tal health
Could you order less stuff?
Would you try this organic juice?
Returning to an RPG you haven't played in a while
Dean Martin and Frank Sinatra - New Year's Eve 1970, Computer Matchmaking sketch
Happy Father's Day (Dadholes)
In the late 90's, Nickelodeon began airing "Oh Yeah! Cartoons". The Fairly OddParents, ChalkZone, and My Life as a Teenage Robot would all eventually become full tv series after appearing in Oh Yeah! Cartoons. Here's one of my favourite shorts, The F-Tales.
When the sun is out in Texas and your car is on the other side of the parking lot.
This man carved a bear and an entire landscape into wooden gates in front of his house.
I dont think he likes his clients
Guy goes to a Yakuza bar in Tokyo to secretly film him getting robbed, threatened with death and beaten to catch the people who did it to his friend. Looks like the yakuza members got arrested.
A salute to all those that grew up fatherless but are now amazing dads <3
MTV Cribs - Umberto Eco
Tom Scott X Matt Parker Deepfake: 3 years later
Myrmecodia - The Jungle Ant-Hive Plant
Beau Miles - A four day paddle to work
420 disaster
Meanwhile in India
world's worst magician
Sir, would you say you are ugly?
Jack Black Prepares To Be The Final Guest On CONAN
Reminiscing over Jerry Springer
Eddie Murphy talks about how Dick Cavett would do whatever he dared him to
no tomato please
Longest Place Name in the US - Lake Chargoggagoggmanchauggagoggchaubunagungamqugg, Massachusetts
Jackass - Jet Engine
Ladies and Gents.. the Hurdy Gurdy
Arguably the best "stop drinking" ad ever
Horseshoe crabs keep Covid vaccines safe!
Inside the Daily Life of a Live Streaming Star in China | Op-Docs
Happy Father's Day
Doug Mountjoy does a perfect snooker break
The Maker [5:30]
10 Levels of Sleight of Hand
ITER Tokamak Construction 78% Complete
Eating take-out ramen from Mengokoro Kunimoto in Japan.
Tall grass rules
Animation for Bo Burnhams „Welcome to the internet“
"Uncle Daycare" from a criminally under-rated comedy skit channel
The Wacky World of Product Placement
Never gonna give you funk!
a reality TV feud but it's Victorian
“World’s Toughest” Slash Proof Bag
Jim Carey doing the grinch face
Kitten falls into the abyss