sick burns
harmless yet wholesome
A knight in the softest flannel
New waifu just dropped!
And that, kids, is how I met your mouser
Yikes dude
Yep, that's tumblr.
more like goodjokesbyjeff
Muggle Magic
Imbrace tradition
scare the numbers away
My poor-girl fitness was just forgetting to eat and walking to work
Big Night Cat
If you have a kid in your life, do this
Tag yourself
Howdy self isolation gang. discuss below
Working as a delivery person must be tiring if people were like this
Brad Wayne
I want this
multipurpose liquid
Social media in a nutshell
The future #1 best seller
cool kids 😂
God OCs
TW food mention
Stick it where the sun DOES shine
Hate it when that happens
Hmm yeah?
All hail the N O T E B O O K H O A R D
Human nature
If you're fast enough they can't stop you
The hard work
Never forget about consent
Worms :)
Lucky they don't have Fr*nce 🤮
Be strong not a bodybuilder
Shine bright like a diamond
Pukicho loot has better drop rate than gacha games. (maetel)
I have ADHD ;)