TIFU by being a guy who hasn't dated anyone in years
TIFU by automatically replying "nice" after hearing 69
TIFU by trying to be healthy and drinking lemon water
TIFU... By falling asleep with my wireless earbuds in.
TIFU by sharing my friend's naked photos on her FB
TIFU by calling my mom's boyfriend dad UPDATE
TIFU by thinking I could spare $25 to help a stray cat
TIFU By Being Two Hours Late for Work, At a Critical Time When Half the Shift Was Already OUt
TIFU by exposing my poohole to a customer's child
TIFU by mentioning chokers to my mother, who loves learning new English words
tifu by making a Father’s Day meme
TIFU by trying not to puke on the floor
TIFU by getting high after a stressful night shift
TIFU by rebuilding my kids' play set
TIFU By punching my friend in the balls
TIFU I was lazy and didn’t write down last names in my contacts, and now I have sexually harassed a brand new co-worker
TIFU by not washing my hands enough after cleaning up hot sauce
TIFU by getting married for 5 minutes and divorced right after.
TIFU by underestimating my toddler
TIFU By thinking I could do a backflip into the pool
TIFU by telling my SO to dress to impress
TIFU by having an air freshener in my car.
TIFU because I took someone else’s lunch by accident
TIFU by being a porn addict
TIFU by screaming Bo Burnham lyrics to my entire year on Zoom
TIFU by taking a week long job (as a favor) and lost out on over $1,000 of profit and almost my mind (cautionary tale)
TIFU Screwing up important job assessments.
TIFU by breaking ground rule for rebellious kids
TIFU by putting off a small DIY task
TIFU by accidentally poisoning myself and ending up in the ER.
TIFU by not holding my dad's wood.
TIFU by not reading Disneyland rules enough
TIFU my eye with a bottle.
TIFU by caring
TIFU. By telling my S/O what makes you think you're invited to everything.
TIFU by forgetting that smoke detectors and heat exist
TIFU By eating something I shouldn’t have.
TIFU by being me and ruining things as usual
TIFU by looking after my wife's cat
TIFU by sending a text to the person the text was about
TIFU Follow-up to: TIFU By asking my ex-girlfriend (who I haven't seen or really spoken to in years)
TIFU by blowing a shot at my Olympic dream bc I couldn’t fill in a damn Google form correctly
TIFU by forgetting about the baby monitor and giving my roomie and her coworkers and earful