Mast system for hoisting a windsock
We see plenty of automatic crop planters. How about an automatic minelayer?
Metal roof roof forming machine turns 24ga rolls into roof panels.
Highway barrier painter
This oil drill requires immense precision
Tool for punching watch straps for quick release pins
Used to test the overspeed function of an elevator governor. Yes I live in Canada.
Specialized rice paper holder and water dish
Pretzel twisting machine
Bridge deck concrete finisher [OC]
25 oz Koozie - Happy Father’s Day!
A "kruishout" to create a moulding on the ceiling. Teylers museum, Haarlem, the Netherlands.
Barrel Bore Cleaning Tool
I made this custom titanium and walnut chain whip as a Christmas gift for my former boss at the local bike shop a few years ago. New to the sub, thought you might enjoy.
Shuttlecock making
How PODS picks up/drops off their storage containers
Lego spudger.
Automatic guardrail cleaning machine
Handheld Tattoo Ink Mixer
Parking lot line painting machine
Watertunnel drill - can someone explain how these work?
Tractor-mounted stump grinder
Slipform paver. Used to make continuous highway barriers without any wood concrete forms.
These are the tools of my trade [delete if needed] - I'm a Licensed US Customs Broker and all commercial goods (even your physical tools on this sub) will pass through my CFR19 & HTS schedules. About 200 countries operate on the same rules. It allows the world to trade commercial goods efficiently.
Pool filter opener makes pool maintenance much easier
Specialist sewing machine to embroider a doll’s head with hair
BNC connector 'manipulator'
This moveable bridge inspection platform
This adjustable tool for tightening glass holders
Curved Ladder for Roof Workers
This tool for making your own meccano pieces from 1933. Has a sheet metal cutter, bender and hole punch.
Some Neat Guitar Related Tools
Tennis Racquet Strinnging vise. Holds the racquet while installing the string so that it stays tight.
I'm a dog groomer. These guys are chunkers meant to specifically "chunk" out the thick hair.
Cage nut tool for server racks
Bolt and firing pin cleaning tool
Special setup for slicing Spam
“Amazing” Red Head 606!
A tool for cleaning okra
Bobcat-Freeing Shield
Piston splitter to break down rock
Saw set pliers, used for slightly splaying out saw teeth so the plate of saw won't bind up while cutting
Incense clock, might not be specialized as a way of measuring time for geisha only but for this context it seems interesting enough
Saw this tool to fill in cracks in asphalt online thought I would share it
Self-loading trailer for lifting and transporting huge cable reels
Stone roofing tile cutter
Hinge tweaker
This dolly is made for lifting and moving large teacher and office desks. The handle disconnects after the lift so the desk can pushed through narrow doors.
Leaf and debris blower for cleanup in parks, cemeteries, trails