Cheers to the dads that don't get to see their kids today.
An ice cream shop I visited.
Happy Father's Day to all the Dada's out there, big ones and little ones!
Probably my favourite shot of Archer, taken on film that expired 20 years ago
My high school’s all night grad party had a raffle with all 360 graduating students. I got lucky…
Spring as its best 🌸
In the celebration of the new season, I made this little oil painting.
My 3 month old pups first holiday and the day my partner said yes to marrying me 🏳️‍🌈
Lobster dinner for my dad’s 94th birthday and Father’s Day!
A'Tuin is real
Women left out a bowl of ice. This little fella fell asleep on it while cooling off.
This piece will be leaving me today to be put in the Explorers Against Extinction charity auction.
My first Father's Day is today! So smitten with him.
On the road out of Reykjavik.
Geena Davis and Susan Sarandon at the 30th anniversary screening of 'Thelma & Louise' this weekend
I am building a little western town. Just finished my first building.
Not a burst shot
The City Museum in St Louis is one of the craziest places I've ever seen
It ain't much, but I'm proud.
Spring in Netherlands.
Just me and 40,000 vaccinated fans rocking out to the Foo Fighters at Madison Square Garden
Pink robin 💜
My Dad doesn’t really get excited for presents . For father day I got him a new gaming chair.
River Troll in Sweden
My grandfather's garden
Saw this on my morning walk today.
Priorities in check
american gothic and their likenesses
This picture made me smile.
Finished this mural for my friend’s bar in Montreal!
Colorized photo of an 11 year old miner, 1908
I called 'keeps' on my favorite person
This amazing blue chameleon with brilliant colors
Bamboo Tunnel - Kyoto, Japan
This is Oliver. He's 4 today. Still doesn't have a job or or pay bills, but I still love him.
Long Exposure of a Bottle Rocket
There is a mushroom growing from the carpet of a hotel I am staying at.
"Empty" - The winner of this year's Hampton Beach Sand Sculpting Classic
Apple's new "Privacy" ad creates dystopian effect by appearing to record me in my apartment
Gandalf checks his emails (behind the scenes in the set of the Hobbit) as a renaissance painting
My wife let my son pick my fathers day ard this year.
My recent painting: "The Coast of Alexandria" by Joseph Feely
This Father's day, I'm teaching my son the art of the lathe.
Finally pushed past my fear of hights and led my first ever climb yesterday!
I got a new Beagle Puppy!
A foggy morning at Cheaha State Park, AL
Japan is the winner
I bodypainted myself into Violet Venom to help raise money for Stand Up 2 Cancer UK!
The city at your feet. Quito, Ecuador
Peak summer in the mountains of New Mexico. Photo is as the iPhone took it.