How the ball appears to vacuum up the red line
2d to 3d animation loop
Impressive Holm Oak known as the Umbrella Tree
satisfying smoothie blend
The way this stuff oozes down
Ferrofluid vs Monster Magnet (from The Action Lab)
Making a mosaic with autumn leaves
The way these jump to the beat
Helicopter ride in British Columbia (@bradleyfriesen)
This road out of Reykjavik
The Bird is the Word.
Using calligraphy practice paper for animation of a bird
Making a resin đandelion pendant
The most perfectly I have ever wrapped a present
My reaction when I see things getting crushed
Satisfying metal shaping
Just finished giving my lawn a haircut
A horse getting a pedicure
This is chalcotrichite from the Ray Mine in Arizona
Window cleaning at its finest.
Foil reveal of my pet portrait drawing of a dog named Jimmney (turn on your sound)
This amazing flame art
The way the toothpaste opens.
This rubber mixing process is so relaxing, I would love this job
Injection of luminol into bleach mixture
Iceberg rolls in warmer waters
Rather pleasing morning alarm bell
Smooth surfing across the wave
The way that my wife perfectly spreads the peanut butter on her morning bread.
I love restoring old game consoles. Here are some pictures of a XBOX 360 I am cleaning up.
Satisfying spicy content
CGI lightning in slow motion
This block animation
Puddle reflecting lights which look like mini fireworks when rain drops into it
The Running of the Mortys
These lines are so straight, but it's the sound that gets me
Satisfying destruction
High voltage water bridge
Innovative way to time a beat. xpost r/GIFtedIndividuals
This man (@tezcan.ahmet38 on TikTok) splitting a boulder perfectly in half with a sledgehammer
Early morning dew collecrion moving in the wind....
The way the glaze pours
The focus on this hummingbird photo
Slicing a block of wood into thin peices
The symmetry of this train station
(OC) the way these water droplets slid after I showered
A co-worker found this stuff satisfying so I recorded a little bit of this in case someone else finds it somewhat satisfying
Making a dessert shaped like Saturn
I made a looping animation. Hope you guys find it satisfying.
Striping parking spaces