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30 Days No Static Images
A dog chased an ambulance carrying its owner all the way to the hospital. When they arrived at the hospital the loyal dog waited outside while its owner was treated and released.❤️
14y old builds Manhattan using freestyle Lego
Men rescue a stranded heron from fishing line.
This is how you properly avoid getting robbed
Very high winds at the perfect time of day, 9am, and unusual heavy water for November, these special circumstances created a previously undocumented 2,400 foot rainbow waterfall in Yosemite National Park
It's Cake and It's Explosive....
Johnny at his best. Although there are cameras, still nice to see.
Restoring the old bread cutter
These inflatable rafts are impossible to capsize.
Older dog pranks pup
Soccer players when they’re at home
Cruise Ship Playing Seven Nation Army
I broke something while watching
Some extra space
An African supergroup returns to their home high school to lead the students in a song.
B.B. King breaks a string (3:00) and then replaces it while singing. This performance is worthy of a post on it's own.
Lost a leg to cancer on Wednesday, back to work by Friday
Gymnast’s impressive launch from a cold start!
Full of Dolphins. So Cool
Looks amazing. Adjustable Lamp
Jessie Graff's "Choose your Player"
This made my butt hole go like a rabbits nose
The Man help the baby dolphin. He's so kind.
The real Joe Swanson
Lost her leg to cancer on Wednesday and couldn't be happier less than a week later. What a tough girl.
Double sautéing macaroni and cheese
Talent show guy seems like he has three arms
Damn that precision, though the video does look like it's sped up.
Aw big guy Seven fumbles the chicken and gets embarrassed
An octopus crawling through a crack that doesn’t even seem to exist
Scariest way to exit NASA zero gravity..
Result of injecting Luminol into a solution containing 10% bleach
If there is a better way to leave Walmart I haven't found it
This guy playing the soundtrack for “Directed by Robert B Wiede”
Holly Holm workout
Insane strength exhibited by an effortless pull-ups
He deserved more recognition for sure.
Bird Opens Beer Bottle with Beak.
Shooting an arrow with another arrow
Home-made working rideable drone.
He shoots the ring he throws into the air with an arrow.
Impressive Holm Oak Known As The Umbrella Tree
Using calligraphy practice paper for animation of a bird
How food travel through our stomach
Magma flowing into the Pacific Ocean, Hawaii
I became homeless after I got out of the Army and decided to walk across America. Alone and unsupported, I traveled from Tennessee to Delaware, to California, to Florida, to Alaska, back to Florida, and back to California again.
This was such a smooth move by Lebron
Seven years old and flipping with the big boys
Suplex to armbar before he even hits the ground
A magical and peaceful coordination, all at the same time