Official Discussion Megathread (The Sparks Brothers / The Hitman's Wife's Bodyguard / Luca)
What is the Best Film You Watched Last Week? (06/13/21-06/20/21)
Indiana Jones Fedora and Harry Potter Wand Among Iconic Movie Props Being Auctioned Next Week
Ridley Scott's "Legend" is so good, everything I want in a fantasy film, yet very few ever talk about it.
Punch-Drunk Love - An incredible movie
They Live (1988) has aged really well
Behind Enemy Lines (2001) is such a solid war action flick.
Frances McDormand, Steve Buscemi, and Joel Coen reunite to reflect on 25 years of 'Fargo'
New poster for ‘Snake Eyes’
Quentin Tarantino On Directing Pulp Fiction (1994)
I think the first 15 minutes of Suspiria (1977) is one of the strongest openings of all time.
40 Years Ago: 'Cannonball Run' Takes Good Times Out for a Spin
How Pixar’s ‘Luca’ Offers a Taste of Seaside Italy
40 years later, and 'Superman II' Is Still the Greatest Superman Movie
An inspector calls (2015) is a great mystery detective movie
‘The Fast and the Furious’ Juggernaut Started in 2001: Twenty years ago, no one realized just how far living life “a quarter mile at a time” — as Vin Diesel’s character Dominic Toretto so poetically puts it — would take The Fast and the Furious.
Explorers (1985) is a movie that really goes off the rails in its third act
'Jiu Jitsu' was the literally the worst movie my eyeballs have ever seen.
Ann Ratray Dies: Actress, Drama Coach, Mother Of ‘Home Alone’ Actor Was 81
To make Luca, Pixar had to reinvent water
Anyone wish we ever got a Crank 3?
Thoughts about the narration of Apocalypse Now
Mad Max 2 and ThunderCats both had similarly awesome scores!
From Quentin Tarantino to Stanley Kubrick: How paintings inspired 5 of cinema’s best shots
A look back at Al Pacino’s big debut in 1971’s ‘Panic in Needle Park’
What’s something that’s common in movies that takes you out of the experience?
The first two Addams Family movies (starring Raul Julia) still hold up.
Harry Potter and The Chamber of Secrets holds up really well.
"Cinema Paradiso" played in my city today, the original 155 minute version! (Maybe SPOILERS)
Movies where an actor is dead by the time his name appears in the opening credits?
What are some directors who did one movie you really like and a lot of others you don't?
Just finished Seven, wow.
Pig - Trailer #1 - Nicolas Cage's new movie about his pet truffle pig.
Question about the Matrix 4 leak.. *NO SPOILERS*
Why was Fast 9 officially released one week earlier in Australia than America? According to IMDB, Fast 9 opens July 25th in the States.
'Bob's Burgers' Movie Update: Creator Loren Bouchard Explains Release Date Delay
Looking for recommendations for classic epic adventure movies
Worst Comic Book Films
SCOOB! Director Tony Cervone Confirms A Sequel To The 2020 Movie Is In Development
[1950, 1980] Film Suggestions?
Raunch hijacked the rom-com after the runaway success of There’s Something About Mary
Your favourite double feature of two otherwise unrelated movies?
Inherent vice is my favorite movie of all time now. Can anyone suggest something similar?
What's your favorite ambiguous ending?
Help In remembering a title?
35 Years Ago: 'Karate Kid II' Honors Original Style and Substance
[No Spoilers] Which are some horror movies you recommend which are easy on gore?
What are some scary Werewolf movies?
The handling of the characters (among other things) in Monster Hunter (2020) could've used some work
Love and Monsters ( 2020) is an interesting movie…
Do you know any likeable villains in movies?
Rollerball (1975) and Father’s Day