Be Original. Original Wednesday frog memes are not banned, The two exact copies of these are just reposts. Reposts have always been against the rules. Edits of these are allowed.
How do gay ppl know whos penis will open up to accept the others persons penis?
The cow was great
Just realized I like to use dead memes a lot
Tally Marks From Around The World
Well I made a big mistake
Cool enough !
But still gets wrecked by more skilled players
Especially on a Monday
It's just tired. Presumably from eating the souls of babies...
One million IQ play
Damn you world
Luxury bones
no coca cola
Ever feel useless?
You crazy son of a b, you did it
Respect +1000
iPhone bad Android fine I guess
Next level prank
This is basically my life
Please someone do this crime
The goat of dads
the student has become the teacher
The all mighty shorts
Zoom zoom
This is what heaven must look like.
Caught in 144p
I know this MF lyin
Almost a wizard now
Happy Father's Day especially to all the Single Dad's and Double Dad's out there
sorry boss
every time
Please stop doing this
Y'all are getting upset about a tweet from years ago
Hold up for a second man !
The Realest
Why. Are. There. So. Many?
They are alright, right?
Huge thanks to Joe for giving me this meme idea
Is that rule flexible?
just like the simulations
Happy father's day
spain but s is silent
Good boi
That dripping feels...
Happy Fathers Day
Boomers gonna boom
It surprised me too
My dear vile brothers and sisters… we did it.