12 year olds thinking it would be funny to ruin a random person's night
Disney and marvel patenting and ruining a culture older than them
Ruining an expensive meal
Made a delivery to an apartment block today and this sign was on the door.
Mother kills one child, then makes another help bury the body
How about we don't
Just what the Dr ordered
“Florida man pulled gun at Starbucks over cream cheese”
Crazy lady is back
The dad shot his missus, killed his daughter with an axe to the head, stabbed his son multiple times then set him alight. He was then able to question his son in court as he chose the represent himself.
Pulling a gun on an employee for forgetting cream cheese
Tik Toker gets views by making a mess in public places and giving overworked employees a hard time. After recieving hate for dropping a gallon of milk in a supermarket, he makes a lame joke and writes "#menace2society"
Who would do that and then blame it on their own son?
A ruined bike at the park with a note on it
Advocating violence against trans people and pretending it's allyship with the LGB
Scenic overlook vandalized with bad spray painting.
Imagine entering a fun bike racing event only to get run down by someone with road rage
I present to you the dumbest fund manager on the planet, but not only is he dumb, he’s an absolute POS.
Asking for free food just because you brought a group in
This trash using a recent tragedy to make a joke, photoshopping his personal rival as the woman(on the left) and suggesting himself as the murderer(on the right)
Girl (16) kills her own father
You wish they what?
This waste of oxygen got NINE YEARS in prison for torturing his one month old baby to death.
POS bullying people because of a bad day.
POS burned schizophrenic man w/alcohol, cut his hair, and allegedly drugged/beat. (Article link & vid in comments)
British tourist bites man in attempt to grab his chickens releasing them from their cages
.... someone is obviously a pos
And they wonder why we have no faith in the justice system anymore.
Her excuse is because she is was pregnant
“Someone is breaking the wings of pelicans in California”
Scumbags throwing bottles and picking fights with bar staff last night in Dublin, Ireland.
Drunken fools are going to be drunken fools
Punching and stealing cane from 82 year old because he wouldn't give you money
Racist sends hate mail to a number of people telling them to "go back to wherever you come from"
Mum Threatens To Sue Over Release Of Video Showing Her Son Pushing A Woman Under A Train.
Doodling all over your little brother's brand new Nintendo Switch for attention
Kicking someone's seat for no reason 💩
Why would you do that, that is just childesh
Comment on a post about sexual consent. (Post specifically about being able to say 'no', even if both parties are butt naked).
Absolute POS campaigning for the speed limit on one stretch of road to be increased literally less than 24 hours after a fatality on that stretch of road. Screenshot from a local community page I run. This guy is extremely active on community pages but this is the worst shit I've witnessed him post
Hound dog stolen from owner and shot on the side of the highway. Horrible.
Stealing from a tip jar
Knowingly bullying someone
Scrolling on a laptop while driving.
Tenants vandalized house after being asked to pay rent. Listing for the house in comments
Reckless bikers on city streets