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Father's Belt [OC]
The Other Father's Day card
Good match!
Mother's Day vs Father's Day
Happy Fathers Day! [OC]
A for effort.
My friend sent me a picture of a pizza to show me what kind of crust he likes. I tried to “play” the video he sent me.
I watch too much Lockpickinglawyer.
I’ve got hurt feelings.
Time to talk about the elephant in the room...
You can now order trees over amazon!
On my way to visit Dad so I got him a card. I’m not a poet but this outta do. Happy Father’s Day gents.
Wonder what's the discussion about ?
Found on the car behind mine
Happy Father's Day
R.I.P. to my man Owen
My kid met a squirrel today... 🙈
Happy Father’s day to my dad (up front) and that random guy making the same pose at the General Sherman Tree last week
As a lowly janitor, finding this made my day
Werewolf Dad
And then he realised, he is not a cat
The Original Spidermenkey!
Great boat name
Missed a screw on our new baby-chair. Came with a truck in a big box
Fathers like tools on Father's Day, right?
Someone at work put a seagull on the sanitizer dispenser.
Signed, your teenager...
It looks like a sword fits here
Do these socks make me look like an ass ?
Bring you own rock
Problem solved
So my wife got me this card and forgot to give it to me this morning. I just came upstairs and found this laying on my pillow.
Happy Father’s Day
Happy Fathers Day!
The DAB is strong ln this one
Wisdom & Guidance
Local convenience store tip jar...
I buy my husband a nice new toy, he just wants to play with the box.
What came out of the batter’s butt?
This guy's literal nuts on his truck
God's plan
Father's Day present from my wife
Happy Father’s Day!
Face swapped with my 2 year old. Just because we can do a thing doesn't mean we should :P
On this Father’s Day I’m reminded of Roxy Music’s Bryan Ferry, who married his sons girlfriend. Look at the joy in their faces on Bryan’s wedding day. Happy Fathers Day.
The savage father’s day card I got from my daughter today