Political posts are now banned
Not the best thinker...
I feel like this is the sequel to the Frankenstein body building thing
Well of course it did
You both please be quiet is such a blessing
I had to teach a historical geology class because the geologist who was supposed to teach is was a Young Earth Creationist
When you don’t do the research beforehand
Or maybe they just don’t like you?
ah yes, lactose
Ah yes, grass everywhere
Idiot could have caused a massive fire
This chemistry book from sri lanka has Jesse Pinkman on the cover
Not even close
Soccer isn't a sport ⚽️❌
China and Pakistan share a border
Ah yes this clearly unpopular opinion
Okay Peter…
Pledging allegiance to the flag before a sporting event
Most everyone can do that
Turkish guy drink poison to kill the fly he accidently swallow
On Italian food
They are trying everything
Lets be Racers
Yikes, Yahoo
Wearing a hairnet during food preparation … sort of 🤦🏻‍♂️
JK Rowling time
An actual sesame-seed bun
Hell, I could do this myself for a few bucks
Breast cancer, but make it sexy
Do people really believe this stuff?
Apple messes up and delivers new iMac to North Korea instead of South Korea
I'm for both, firearms ownership AND socialized healthcare. Checkmate, atheists!
This idiot thinking americas the only country that matters
God dammit YouTube.
Shutup you Korean Popcorn Fanboy
Not your day
This dude as a kid had a mindblown moment once he learned how to actually play the game
Okay then, so don't buy the Taylor Swift Cardigan if you don't stan Taylor Swift. You're preventing actual Swifties who have waited for months from having their own Cardigans. Wearing a Cardigan without understanding their significance is literally cultural appropriation and it's not okay. /s
TIL we say the Pledge of Allegiance before football games
a guy who tried to scam me today
Found on this freaking sub
Well... They Were Half Right
Person suggests that the solution to racism is segregation
Muslims should revive slavery
So... which is it...?