What happened in your country this week? — 2021-06-20
2021 Armenian parliamentary election
LGBT Parade in Warsaw. Biggest parade in CEE history.
Pastas in Italy
The countries most active in the Trans-Atlantic slave trade.
Accidental Renaissance on the Moscow Metro
Metro station in Stockholm, Sweden
On this day in 1627, the Turkish Abductions began in Iceland. About 50 people were killed and close to 400 people were captured as slaves.
Today in Plitvice Lakes, Croatia
Night trains make a comeback across Europe. More and more people want to respect the climate when traveling. Now, European overnight trains are making an unexpected comeback as a more sustainable long-distance option
Czechia has slowly but surely been getting rid of its communist-era decay. Have a look at some of my favourite transformations! These always cheer me up.
Val d'Orcia, Tuscany
Fatality rates on European motorways
A rainbow was drawn in front of the Hungarian consulate in Košice, Slovakia as a response to the country's new law regarding homosexuality in media
Did some backpacking and hitchhiking across Europe from London to Romania a few summers ago and put together a zine of drawings i did and some writing on it
Japanese map of Europe, 1924
Sheep in Slovenia, Logar Valley.
An amazing view (Alcazar of Seville)
Not much left of the Tiergarten in Berlin as the inhabitants began to hoard wood for the harsh post-WWII winters in the bombed-out capital of the former Third Reich.
Before & After - Special forces soldier Elbrus Gogichaev rescues a baby girl, Alena Tskayeva from the Beslan school siege terror attack in 2004. He went to see her graduate school in 2021
[De Telegraaf] Hungary fans made monkey sounds towards Kylian Mbappe. Karim Benzema was also verbally abused during Hungary - France
Hungarian Zsolt Balla has officially become the first military Rabbi for the Bundeswehr since 1933
Schönau am Königssee, Germany
Sunset in Helsinki, Finland (Last Friday at 21:55)
Asylum seekers in the EU: the 2020 situation.
"Sava Ognyanov" Drama Theatre in Ruse, Bulgaria
The skyline of the old fortified upper city of Bergamo.
German government agrees to ban Hamas flag after antisemitic incidents
Belgian greens won't protest the decision to build new gas plants because protesting the new gas plants might mean stopping the nuclear exit
Europe’s Chief Prosecutor Has 300 Cases on Her Plate Already
Denmark asylum: The Syrian refugees no longer welcome to stay
Fairytale Tallinn. Waiting to revisit my heart throb city !
Prandi river, Estonia
Hungary’s Orbán under fire over call to disempower European Parliament
PM's research budget to make UK 'science superpower'
Netherlands poll, increased fragmentation after implosion of Christian democrats
Waterspout in the Black Sea
Beautiful Sunday, from Gjipe Vlore Albania
Body of Belgian soldier who threatened to kill Belgian virologist Marc van Ranst found in woods (article in Dutch)
Euro 2020: Manuel Neuer and DFB could face UEFA action over Pride armband
Abandoned Town of 732 Disneyesque Castles Built in Turkey near the Black Sea.
France election: Macron and Le Pen fail to make ground - exit poll
Japan urges Europe to have stronger military presence in Asia to tack
Le Pen's party comes top in Provence in regional election
Bedroom with a view: the Dome House Hella, Iceland.
Bee-friendly urban wildflower meadows prove a hit with German city dwellers
Norway decides against Qatar World Cup boycott
Berat, Albania - The pride of Albania architecture
German media giant's message to employees: Find a New job if you're anti-Israel
Thank you for the lovely comments and support! Best regards, your Swedish girls.
Saint Rumbold's Cathedral, Mechelen, Belgium
Norway says Chinese group APT31 is behind catastrophic 2018 government hack