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No thoughts. Only float..
My 70 y/o Grandma doesn’t have reddit but asked me to post her babies.
no comment. just "awwww"
My game-playing dog got me through the last year!
I grew up without a father. She will not. This is the way.
This is Reign. He is a little shy, but once you get to know him he bites you
Emerald Tree Boa doing a yawn
My wife getting kisses from a joey
Nothing tugs more at my heart than when my old girl, Bitey, acts like a kitten.
Cat pretends to eat grilled cheese sandwich
Fidget Weiner
Puppy Pedal Power
Black cats are the best cats
Feisty kitten trying to provoke our sleeping Bulldog
There lived a certain man in Russia long ago. He was big and strong, in his eyes a flaming glow...
My mum's colleague has a litter of 5 day old bunnies, so we went to see them, and this gorgeous baby fell asleep in my hands. I think I've been chosen
Just hangin' in there
My pet rat Egg working on scent work...with a twist! Here she has to find and fetch #3!
The Guardian Of The Bus!
The most beautiful cat I've ever seen in a Turkish street
Baby 🦏 guards father during toe treatment. Tries to horn vets, but doesn’t realise he has no horn yet.
My cat KitKat in all his photogenic glory
Train delayed, reason: C A T
First day with us today, meet Luca!
You kiss, I'll kiss you back
"Hey stop! You're ruining my photoshoot!"
You needed to see this today.
that puppy won't leave that man alone
Getting chased by baby racoons
thought i’d post my doggo on here :)
The master of balancing things.
He's going the distance
Older dog pranks pup
Hummingbird Pool Party
Cuddles needed
My newly tri-pawed girl is happy as heck
NOOO, you have to get out of front of the camera dawg
Hello everyone! We’re 1 month old today
My foster boy I homed.
warm smells good i stay here now
Meet Roosje. (Dutch for little rose)
someone made a home in my ramen
Matching Best Friends❤️
round bun (not mine)
I had always been afraid of cats until…
Found a new friend!