Weekly Discussion Thread
Can't argue with good advice 🙂
It's all children hear since kindergarten amplified x1,000,000. There's no alternative perspective offered to children. No wonder they are deaf to the truth as adults
Nobody wants to be exploited
Rant: Does anyone else feel like the whole world is crazy?
“Who’s excited!?”
In work poverty is worse than unemployment
Anticipation Can Actually Hurt Sometimes!
Maybe if we all made a living wage, we could ACTUALLY take care of ourselves.
Big problem in the United States
He'd Rather Put You In a Box than Accept Your Humanity!
Why does the government pay attention to minimum wage ?
Speaking the truth.
When the dread sets in
Tell ‘em.
The LinkedIn Effect
Although quitting is cool
Growing like a plant 🌱
Your days on this planet are worth more than money.
Two worst feeling : having a job and not having a job
I’ve been working so much and last night I had a terrifying dream
Someone sat down and thought of 1001 things to do instead of paying their employees their worth
via memeclassheroes on tumblr
17 and working 50 hour weeks, i’m exhausted
Religion isn't freedom. God is a dictator. Capitalism isn't freedom. A CEO is a dictator.
Will never be happy if I’m working
Fuck Work
Shoulda just gone home, Marco.
"People who use flexible work practices such as telecommuting or working from home can be seen as less devoted to their career, and putting family and personal life first,"
More and more Chinese 20-somethings are rejecting the rat race and 'lying flat' after watching their friends work themselves to death. #TangPing
Nooo! Not again!
What if I don't like any job?
I see more and more restaurants and companies being closed on certain days. Hopefully this is the start of true change.
Extreme Leftist belief
They're putting these flyers in with our food.
Boss: you should stay home if you are sick. Me: Can't afford to miss a day's pay because I can barely afford to live anyway.
Ok yes I will go fuck myself
Being thankful the pandemic happened because you were allowed a sliver of humanity again.
what would you do?
No Evil, the scum who ran union busting efforts just laid off their entire workforce with no severance
Class warfare at the dinner table
Entitled or Worth a shot? I admire her taking a risk, and if people feel like helping....why not?
Applied for 51 jobs in the last two weeks
Can’t even get a haircut these days man.
Why Billionaires Should Not Exist... made this with a friend narrating.
How Do They Say Economic Recovery? ‘I Quit.’ (NYT, 20 Jun 2021, Excerpts)
Shouldn't there be an employee to customer ratio required to stay open?
If employers paid their employees more money wouldn't they pay less taxes at the end of the year?