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Trying to show off without a spotter...
Somersaulting off a mini-tramp
Oh cool she has a self driving car! Go Queen!
Blocking the exhaust with his legs
Driving on the sidewalk
Fine! Who needs teeth anyway?
Doing wheelie together
Dancing on a table
Enjoy your meal sir..
Jumping on a slippery patch of the street
Someone's gonna go to Mickey Mouse jail.
It’s nice to see that McDonald’s is showing the same type of class as Waffle House
Attempt to drink beer the "cool" way
I’m gonna swing from the chandelier I'm gonna live like tomorrow doesn’t exist
That’s one way to shut your back door. Evolutionary door = access denied.
Dude tries passing up car
Going behind the counter to fight the convenience store clerk.
Idiot disturbs a snapper and let’s it bite him
hitting a lemon
Tossing her friend in the pool wins her a sploosh
'Cause I'm a Speed King, you've got to hear me sing
Crossing the road like a drunken idiot
Taking a stroll in a sewer
Worst. Frogger. Player. EVER.
Jump swing fvckry results in face plant (get it... face plant 😂)
Slowwwww Dowwwwwwn
just put a little nail in the planks dumbo
Ouch, I can feel it just by watching this
Using a taser
Result of a not-so-well executed kick
Stupid person sunk his own truck 😂
Fire jumping? Hard to tell wtf was the idea
Trying to jump over and get a concussion.
An Exploding Airbag (Underneath a Chair) Sends Cowboy Johnson Upwards!!!
Long distance dumbass
Trying this idiot leg move on the escalator
Not looking before you jump.
overloading gone wrong
Win prize after stealing manhole cover.
Taking a corner too fast = win new nose job
Two armed men in Johannesburg attempted to hijack an elderly man, then karma ensues
Man insults a police officer repeatedly for no reason... Then he wins a stupid prize
Look Ma! I am floating!
Making a skateboard trick
Trying to steal decorative plant
More Wheelies, more PAIN!
Using a piece of cardboard to direct the flow of concrete
Being terrible at drifting