Just imagine being there
I would lie if I said that didn’t hit me too
This would work
Why would be this illegal
Freedom electrical grids fall short every time
Just to clarify
Happy Father’s Day!!
The dress with pockets rule!
And the losers all have to donate to impoverished families
Every single time
Because Texas is full of MAGA mega morons.
Fat cannoli foot
Throw the whole thing away
Give them credit. They watched two Youtube vids. Two!!
Cute conservative baby name ideas
this is so true....
So much in common
Well, We Can't Have The Rich Pay More Can We?
Would it really be so wrong?
What if Coca-Cola do that with Ronaldo's name right now?
Who is the real Trash Man?
What Rigging The System Looks Like
Time for a change
Don't mess with a nine year old
Legal Is Not The Same As Moral
Happy Farter's Day!
Unsee juice needed
The power of the box
The Hangedmaid's Tale
There will never be enough
Sounds about white
A dad joke for Father's Day
Make it make sense
The pilot gonna add kicks during turbulence
Dads and cats are a dynamic duo