$GME Daily Discussion - June 20, 2021
Smooth-Brain Question Mega-Thread
Thanks Gary.
🚨It’s his father, please do not look into it any further and definitely don’t post “wHaT dOes iT MeAn???” As much as we like to think otherwise, RC is just as human as him and deserves to post a picture of his father without apes ruining his post. Happy Father’s Day to the dad of daddy Cohen!🚨
GME to the 🌚💎🙌🚀🚀 Happy Father's Day Apes!!
Guess who's REALLY tired...
Trust the DD
Just wait….Apes Will be the new batman! (Found this post on insta)
Was going through my photos and I found this from a few months ago and it dispelled a lot of my self-fud. Thought it was worth reposting
Every shareholders right now
Non-apes will learn eventually. Tits jacked
We may become rich from the squeeze but we will never become them!
Stolen off twitter, no idea how to give the dude credit on here though...! 🚀🚀
Anyone else forget that other subs still exist?
This is why we hold 😤🦍💎🤲🏽
Let's keep buying and HODLing for our families 👪 and kids. We are almost there. Happy Fathers Day fellow Apes.
We’re almost there boys and girls!
Unrelated but related
Im not tired
GME meltdown just released the new counter DD all you gotta do is ignore the short interest, and forget FTDs & naked shorts because they’re not real.
The more they short, the more we own the float.
Damn bro, just give up already. You still have your health…. Kinda.
Me after I’m wealthy from MOASS.
Wall Street is counting on people not truly comprehending the difference between million, billion, and trillion.
No one is “tired of HODLing”: They are tired of being poor and constantly getting screwed over
You guys give memes ideas on a silver plate... wait... gme plate.
I know No dates but this week is looking o so fine
Holding. Costs. Nothing.
We’ve been sleeping in a bed of lies.
I found an interesting link between Sh¹tcoin and Citadel, Point 72
If the squeeze is already over, why are we still up 4,000%+ from last year?
GameStop's plan isn't isn't to transform from brick and mortar to e-retailer, it's to transform into a TECH company, and that's a huge deal
Post-MOASS gonna be like
Look what you did apes, they are on their way to you
Respect to everyone spending all their spare cash on GME since Jan; I know how it be
GameStop is a Fortune 500 Omnichannel Tech Company 🚀🚀🚀
GME‘s price action for the last couple of months! I love this game! 💎🦍
Just in case anyone needed a sign...
I've just been made aware of painter alex schaefer, who paints banks on fire and I feel so calm
First Market of the Week To Open (Japan, ^N225) - Opens Down -2%.
Prime brokers, SEC and hedge funds doing their little dance of fraud
I want to believe....
MOASS math be like
NSCC legal notice on DTC website that seems to suggest North Capital became Insolvent. (I did not find this myself but u/noobzers22 Dm'd me since he has too little karma to post)
frodo needs to catch up on the lingo
shills be like...
Wait... This is the way? Always has been!
GME, Banks Falling Off a Cliff, The Movie Stock, Elliot Waves, WUT Mean For This Week? 🚀
wut doin?