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Someone posted a screenshot about steam game page of Police Simulator got tagged as 'Villain Protagonist'. One user in /r/gaming disagrees.
Japanese voice actor visits shrine enshrining convicted Class-A war criminals as martyrs. In response to backlash, Chinese game developers remove her voice lines from their China-market versions. r/kotakuinaction politely criticizes this overreaction.
You're probably one of those pilots that looks at controllers like they're "the help" - one atc controller wonders why pilots keep wasting his time practicing full-stop landings.
Someone in r/LGBT posts about the "Progress" variant of the pride flag; criticism of the flag is responded to very defensively by OP
A pride event is only charging admission for white folks. /r/Seattle discusses whether this is racist
r/Europe post on types of pasta in Italy results in a battleground in the comments (especially sorted by controversial) as trolls descend and anger the pasta lovers
r/comicbooks argues over the differences between comics and graphic novels
OP posts to r/RobinHoodPennyStocks looking for an edge before ending up on edge about Apple’s “real” initial stock price
Lawyer pops in to r/Aotearoa to query the difference between decriminalization and legalization
Centennial state residents argue over disclosure of salaries. OP gets in many fights in the comments.
Record of Ragnarok, an acclaimed manga series in which god fight humans for the survival of mankind got adapted into an anime by netflix, and the adaptation sets off chaos across multiple posts on whether it was a good adaptation or not.
Redditor wins a $20k prize for their artwork. Naturally this causes drama in r/pics
Redditor insists that Sam I Am is not Satanic.
User in /r/ApexLegends calls porn users degenerates and then welcomes them to block world!
A voice actor for /r/arknights gets removed after visiting a shrine that contains war criminals. Tankies and weebs arrive for the discussion.
User in /r/PublicFreakou publicly freaksout about being called a bot.
Users feathers get ruffled discussing whether the national bird of New Zealand should be common knowledge globally.
Meta: Reddit deletes the UC Davis pepper spray photo from r/all and r/pics.
Is United States Democrat Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez becoming "more neoliberal over time"? r/TheoryofReddit debates
Should you be denied medical care if your a COVID denier? One user stirs the pot in r/unitedkingdom
r/movies reacts to a poster featuring 5 women, and not a single man. Users argue if this is feminist garbage, or just a simple movie poster.
Factorio Dev Attacks Player in non-PVP zone. Attempts to defend self from retaliation by invoking Stalin.
Popular left-wing streamer purges his discord. r/LifestreamFail reacts.
r/NintendoSwitch fights over game prices. *snap*
User suggests people who don't want to get the COVID-19 vaccination aren't antivaxxers. r/Music reacts
Is it wrong to steal from a Nazi? Does America’s freedom of speech protect enemies living within the country? Can you legally shoot trespassers while holed up in a snipers nest? Multiple slap fights commence while r/awfuleverything goes mask off defending a Nazi
Joke about woman gentrifying neighborhood doesn't go over well
Are Christians bigots? OP thinks that religion is not the problem, it’s money and power that corrupt Christians. OP gets defensive when r/gamingcirclejerk disagrees.
Do aliens exist? And if so, are they on earth? r/soccer discusses
Short but extremely passive-aggressive slapfight about the specific definition of the term and concept "generation"
FNAF creator Scott Cawthon announces retirement after recent controveries surrounding his political beliefs/donations. FNAF fans debate whether Twitter cancel cancel has gone too far or if it is ok to criticize people who fund republican politicians.
Can women even date men anymore because they all are porn addicts? Is being an incel the only option for Women in our modern world? Are they the last REAL feminist subreddit left? r/Femaledatingstrategy discusses
Former Utah Jazz star John Stockton appears in an anti-vax documentary. r/nba reacts
Photographer asks for advice on shooting with underage models. One Redditor decides this is a perfectly reasonable time to yell about why the evil, predatory fashion industry needs to be shut down
Drama in r/DestinyTheGame over....a toaster.
User posts their own comment in r/cursed cursed comments and comments say it's cringe.
Advertisers pull support for controversial new UK channel GB News. r/UnitedKingdom calmly discusses
Silent Hill fans in r/gamingleaksandrumours believe that a small Dutch studio in the Netherlands making a horror game is really a cover for Hideo Kojima and a new Silent Hill installment. Mods begin removing a bunch of posts from within the past day about them.
User asks /r/poker for some tips on how to play professionally, /r/poker recommends that he first learns how to play poker. User doesn't like that.
User tries to get out of $100 bet by towing those goal posts with a couple of Plaid+ Model S and goes to plaid
"Wish my parents had done this to me" - Is beating your child because you caught them smoking child abuse? r/PublicFreakout discusses
"I don't deny climate change and it needs to be dealt with. But the doomerism environmentalists scream about is just insane and unproductive." r/worldnews debates on when environmentalists say we may have triggered irreversible warming tipping point.
UnpopularFacts has a chat about research finding belief in supernatural evil is a predictor of supporting “gun rights”
User bemoans a mechanic in r/escapefromtarkov. Naturally this spawns a slapfight.
An r/news article about a Catholic nun who was supposedly (in terms of reasoning) permanently expelled from the Church leads to fights over its title and content's accuracy to the events, plus the usual religion dramarama (drama-rama).
r/NoNewNormal lets the mask slip with post comparing Mask policy to the Holocaust. One user brings up how newspapers predicted the Whole thing.
*opens fridge* *sees paper bag* *paper bag has '/r/morocco Pride Month thread inside!' written on it* *opens bag* "... I don't know what I expected"
History drama over at r/thesouthwasright when op who is also a mod, refuses to acknowledge what actually caused the Civil War.
Two games with animal protagonists are released with differing results. Are reviewers being paid to suck one furry dick?
A user brings up Frida Kahlo in an AskReddit thread about movies - that means it's time for some chud to bring up Radical Feminism, Communism, and how the KKK isn't really THAT bad.