SLPT - how to break the US economy
SLPT - How my health class thinks you should communicate with gangs
SLPT: Baldness cured.
SLPT - how to still be an adrenaline junkie while stuck in an online meeting
SLPT: Tired of having to pay thousands in waste disposal fees? Just put your hazardous waste in bags and take them through the customs at your local city airport. They will kindly take them from you for free.
SLPT: If you spill too much pepper on your meal, simply suck it up with a household vacuum cleaner
SLPT - How to make $100K
SLPT: Hard of hearing? Stare at the sun until you are blind so that your sense of hearing is heightened!
SLPT : To maximize enjoyment from vacation, take hard drugs, and get off of them during the vacation. This way every day will feel much longer, letting you feel like you've been on vacation for ample time.
LPT: If you have trouble making small talk with coworkers, remember the FORD mnemonic for good topics: Fauci, Obama, Religion, and Drug legalization.
SLPT: how to game the crypto market
SLPT: Change your age range on tinder to 55+ if you are low on money.
SLPT: just fucking short circuit a battery
SLPT: If you are in a supermarket and you see something in somebody else's cart you want, you can legally take it and put it in your own cart because they haven't paid for it yet and thus it is still the stores property.
[SLPT] Drive with a full bladder to get to your destination quicker.
SLPT: are you obsessed with a particular album? Commit yourself to always skip the same song. That way, when you get tired of the album you still have one song you can listen to and enjoy.
SLPT: If you want something from Wayfair order it. Once you receive it go to return it. They'll give you 3 options: replace, 20% off, or refund. Select refund and get your money back and most of the time they won't ask for the item back.
SLPT- Look at the positive side of littering
SLPT: Phone speaker not loud enough?
Lpt request. For your paranoid girlfriends who are always wondering what you're thinking...
SLPT: Afraid of being sunburned this summer? Just put on sun glasses. If you see that it is darker outside, then you can't be burned.
SLPT: If someone steals your lunch in the office, next time swap the bag content with the RH's one. That will stop any other lunch from being stolen ever.
SLPT: never help anyone, under any circumstance, ever
SLPT: Passive income will change your life ;)
SLPT - If you’re dealing with a toxic person online that insists on ending their comments with some kind of slur, make sure to tell them that they don’t need to sign their comments; it makes it look like they have directly insulted themselves and provides a brief sense of a moral victory
SLPT- If you want a free self portrait drawing; commit a crime and make sure there are witnesses.
SLPT: Get yourself hired instead of filing a bug report
SLPT: Supermarket Subtleties
SLPT: If you meet a woman who is overweight, ask her if she is pregnant. Many women want to be pregnant, so your thoughtful question will allow her to reevaluate how other people view her in a positive way.
SLPT How to Get Free Shit
LPT: Always losing your cell phone? Keep it permanently tethered to the wall so it’s always in the one spot.
SLPT- If you’re insecure about your small penis, wear women’s clothing. Your bulge will stand out and your junk will feel huge!
SLPT: My personal life advice for anyone in need!
SLPT - Drive like a drunk person to scare the person behind you out of tailgating you.
SLPT - For optimal car cabin temps, consider leaving the windshield shade up even while driving. This is because sunlight coming through the windshield contributes to 98% of the cars temp in the summer time, and the longer the shade is up, the cooler the car.
SLPT:. No condoms? Use latex glove... Even better than a condom; can be used 5 times (10 if you turn it inside-out)!
SLPT: Paint your deck the colour of new lumber to make yourself look rich.
SLPT: If your crush has no idea who you are, steal her purse.
SLPT. If you feel confident and need a reality check, look at yourself on the CCTV when you walk in the store. That’ll fix ya.
SLPT: If violence doesn’t work...
SLPT: Save money on an international vacation by purchasing a one way ticket and getting yourself deported.
SLPT: if you own a small car just forget half the things you need
SLPT: How I cured my Color-blindness
SLPT It's not too late to profit off of the gas you hoarded
SLPT: Don't bother looking over your shoulder when changing lanes, just listen for the horn that would sound if.your about to hit someone.
SLPT: Save the environment and support your partner
LPT: Unexpected guests staying over for the night?
SLPT : How to prevent lung cancer