Temporary Ban on US Politics
"Pronouns are hard"
Don't celebrate Juneteenth because you were never a slave says man who celebrates not being ruled anymore.
I once knew a Peacock.
Had to Put a COVID Denier in Their Place - Sharing for Informational Purposes as Well
Horse Jockey thought he did something
Redditor points out another's hypocrisy
Teachers unions and police unions both cover up for the bad workers in their profession
Yes, the answer is yes
Call the ambulance! But not for me
Guess we all need to make better choices
This shisha place owner has no chill lmao
Yeah, 3.85M largely preventable deaths can make those medical professionals a little pushy
Research before you sprouts anything on social media.
What a concept
That was a massive burn
An absolute takedown
That’s gotta hurt…
As a musician I very much appreciate that comparison.
Why use many word when few word do trick?
Insulin prices are beyond stupid (crosspost from r/facepalm)
Free Education is NOT wasting money
It's almost as if
Hans Zimmer on a high horse
Well, actuary...
How to slay a troll…
Aloe Vera Please!
Prime specimen of masculine beauty has an opinion on Megan Rapinoe
Handle with care.
You get what you pay for
Bandwagon minister getting burned
What happens when you beg for followers on Twitter
The typical idiot
I don’t know this person so they must be a nobody
How to change Earth's orbit?
Zero press conference in 7 years
The guy in black must still be in first grade.
Much to her regret..
How NOT to Run Your Social Media 101
I know, it's hard to imagine
Police “Harass” a Facebook poster via word-murder
Karen getting owned by a hotel
Mexican Conquest
This Guy had it Coming
Once wasn't enough, he came back for more
OP was waving their red flag too high
He should've been wearing a helmet.
Mighty white of you
I couldn’t bite my tongue any longer.
Former college QB and current coach called out for hypocrisy