MapPorn Discussion Thread for June, 2021
Did someone say continental breakfast?
Mexico is approximately 70% mountainous
Percent of adults smoking cigarettes across the US and the EU. Data for 2017/2018 (sources in the comment section) 🇺🇸🇪🇺🗺️
The True Size of Hawaii
Correlation between centuries of Ottoman occupation on illiteracy rate in Kingdom of Yugoslavia
Map of fonts with US place names
Counties of Ireland, great work by u/moosemachete
Religious map of the Middle East (fixed)
The Topography of Africa
Growth of obesity around the world
Top exports of all the European countries
Rough Religious Map Of Europe + others
A comparison of Australian states and the United States by area and population
Map of Kochi in the 1635 Livro das Plantas de Todas as Fortalezas, a catalogue of Portuguese forts in India.
The Topography of Turkey..
The Barbarian invasions of the Roman Empire (aka the 'Migration Period')
Refugee journeys during 2020
i finally scanned my great great grandma geography book from 1911!
The world by air flight routes
Italian immigration to Brazil, by province
The Iron Curtain (1952-1989)
Grammatical gender of states and territories in Polish
Toilet coverage in India
Most Common Continent or Region of Birth for Current Foreign-Born Population in U.S. Counties
Expulsions of Jews in Europe and North Africa from 1100 to 1600
Distribution of tonal languages (red dots) and non-tonal languages (blue dots). Darker shading on the map corresponds to lower average humidity.
Number of native language speakers in Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland
Murder Rate in Brazil per estate
Don't try to figure it out. Spaghetti Junction UK
(Male) Lung Cancer rates, 2018
The future borders of Armenia (A population of 3 million) promised by the Armenian Revolutionary Federation for the upcoming election. It includes Karabakh, Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic (400.000), Southern Georgia and the entirety of Eastern Turkey. (Inhabited by 13 million people).
Corrected Map of Asia with their leaders
Scripts used in the islands —later known as the Philippines— before the Spanish arrival
Map of Arizona overlayed ontop of Olympus Mons to prove my point that the borders fit way too well. (Link to original in comments)
Europe in World War 1 - 1st of December 1915 - 3 - [6637x4983] [OC]
Pictorial map of the Inside Passage
[OC] What the Prosecution is Called in Different States
U.S. states with at least 1 MSA home to 1 million people.
Map of Which States Granted Former Confederate Soldiers a Pension [OC]
Hindu Population in British Punjab, Before and After Partition (OC)
Most liked Beer brand by Spanish region
The Swift and Rapid Expansion of Rashidun Caliphate
Turkish and Kurdish plurality percentages in Turkey in 1965 (red = Turkish-majority/plurality, green = Kurdish-majority/plurality) [1,024 x 500].
Happy accident
The World of Mr. Rogers
Biomes of the world
My latest LEGO topographical map, this time the USA (including parts of Canada and Mexico)
USA vs. China Trade War Visualization
It's 2121 and your grandson is buying his son a handmade wooden puzzle of the American Union, which has finally stabilized after nearly a century of turmoil
Celto-Italic languages at the time of Justinian and Theodora