Thank goodness for common sense. I wish it was free tbh!
Wholesome prank
Beautiful Father’s Day reunion🥺
happy father's day to all dads!
To give a guy a toy for his car
Doing the right thing
Grandma’s new phone
Proud parents
We all have tough days
So wholesome
I grew up without a father. She will not. This is the way!
Its meaningless at a young age but its true
Love is in the air
I buried my grandfather on Friday. After the 21 gun salute they presented my mom with 3 of the shell casings.My mom immediately handed one to me and told me my grandfather would want you to have one. I made it into a key chain so he'd always be with me.
Picture [OC]
Fluffy Guardian
Streamer gets a message from her dad
Pope Francis consoles a young boy who asks if his atheist father is in heaven.
She said yessss
Baby photography knows how to get the adorable smile
A proud father
A proud father
On second thoughts..
Found this last week. Photo of my dad looking at 3 year old me at Disney World. He passed away in 2008 and I miss him, but I have this photo to remind me of him with a smile.
Just a little trim 😉
Happy Father's Day!
Despite his own hardships, he still has time to make this little girl’s day
Pony requesting for her lower back to be scratched
This pediatrician making sure he connects with his patients
I don't know who did this for me but I want to say thank you for the concerns. Thank you kind stranger.
The Dog Knows
Happy Father’s Day
Friends for life
- Come see and help me with my BABYS, hooman!
That pups face bottom left…. I can’t
What a wife
A small adventure
I was going for a walk when I found this cute girl. She made my day so much better.
Woke up to this. Happy fathers day!
A social experiment
Good morning and have a good Day !
Better late than never!
Macy getting her hair brushed smooth
This wedding party before, and after I yelled Congratulations! While driving by...
Everyone at the pool cheered on this one kid who was afraid to jump
Well deserved
Today I met my best friend who I met online. I’ve known them for a year. I travelled across the state of California to see him.
Some good news...