God damn it, grandma!
This is what my sister did to her first car
Brake-checking an undercover Ford Mustang
Didn’t see that coming
2 mustangs crash at car meet..
Father accidentally knocks nearly completely restored 1963 nova into neutral.
They blocked the highway with their supercars, karma surely destroyed their marriage
TRUCKERS bullying Mercedes
Moving Trucks & Trailers are for Amateurs!
Please remember to SECURE YOUR LOADS
Elderly man almost crashes the car after falling asleep and blames an imaginary driver
Found in the wild by my dad
They payed for the whole sticker, I guess they are going to use the whole sticker
I saw my first genuinely idiotic driver today.
Passengers said bus is too hot and no working AC, Driver made awsome AC for them
Kinda in the wrong lane.
On the off ramp and this lady decides to stop in the middle of it....hmmm.
This is gonna work…
Glad I wasn't in my driveway this time...
Dude looked pissed
Idiot in a tractor
Hope this belongs here
Taking your front wheel drive on the beach is always a great idea
His leg almost got crushed
Bold. You can get impounded for driving without insurance here.
Running a Red Turn Arrow Almost Causes an Accident
Creating silage with motorcycle
Someone paying zero attention almost derailed a lovely day
Shared this on my story and felt you all needed to see it, too. Who needs a moving van and safety regulations?
Smh my head..
One foot in the grave
This Is Why You Should Scrape The Ice Off Your Car BEFORE You Go
Glad I wasn't in my driveway this time: Part 2...
road rage caught on camera during a police Interview
Lorry tries to swerve as Van driver smashes into it
Didn’t even look over his shoulder, he’s just in his own little world
Personal safety 🚫 Chair safety ✅
"You ever take it off any sweet jumps?"
Just back up. You'll be fine!
[USA][MD] Slow and wide right turn in a 45 mph zone *cursing*
I don't know if this belongs here but I am an idiot in a car
Let this be a lesson…..Stay in your vehicle
We don’t need lanes where we’re going
Oh Houston.. You never cease to amaze me.
How far did they make it till it fell out?
DUI Hit & Run
When you see it...
No amount of cones can stop idiots.