Sub Rules Update: Handling "Low Effort"
Foreshadowing from dark souls
A new himbo joins the squad!
Tarnished by Xuan Minh
Fowl Tarnished
We are Tarnished
I came to a realization
SPOILER: Pot Boi identity leaked
Emboldened by the FLAME of ambition
Prove me wrong
Holy shit this guy is daily defeating Isshin without being hit, without Kuro charm, with bell demon, and he already reached day 105!! And he'll continue until the release of Elden Ring..
Elden Ring is literally the only video game.
People still think FROMSOFT makes niche games??
Gotta catch 'em all!
Compilation of the largest swords that I have seen in the trailer.
Elden Ring Fanart, By XINO Z.
The real reason Martin decided to work with From... 😂😂😂
Same sword.
I drew the big lady
Miyazaki-san's life story truly emboldens me with the flame of ambition
Not sure if posted here before (sound on OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHH)
He was always there for us
Happy Father's Day to Potboy's dad. (And all y'all dads out there <3)
Multiverse Confirmed
Come on guys!!!
Tryin not to wtch the trailr for the 50th time tday like:
Well, we are screwd
*TRIPLE JUMPS* according to the trailer, we have a double jump on horseback. The trailer also shows a mid-air jump attack from horseback..assuming you can string these together, we now have triple jumps that might be useful in reaching higher (secret) cliff ledges? [ps4 controls: X+X+R2]
Leaked boss?
New sword concept art!
215 days to the release of Elden Ring on January 21, 2022 (Weekly Countdown)
Current state of the sub
when you set your drink down too many times and it forms the elden ring
There has been theories that these two are rivals, maybe rival families and I think that you’d fight red woman with one arm first as a boss, then guy with all the arms, she snatches one of the arms and later on you fight her with two arms, or maybe she’s an NPC and you give her the arm.
I think From Software did this to us
I hope we can give Artorias’ sword weapon art to the biggest hammer in the game.
I doubt you could even imagine it. Artwork by me.
The Foulest Tarnished
What do you guys think of this weapon? Magic combined with melee? It's my favorite weapon from the trailer
I think is is same area
All of us on January 21st
Pot Boy but is the final boss of Elden Ring - Elden Ring Fan Art
Elden Ring?
Who Would Win?
Too many Tarnished Artworks, More Radish
Really close friend did some editing on the poster. I asked to make it available for the fans.
What will The Tarnished, next in his line of the Toucher of Things, touch in Elden Ring to plunge the whole world into chaos?