This is how they print on fabric.
1931 Bugatti Type 51 Dubos Coupe
Mornings at the farm house!
A regular day at Mumbai train station (pre-COVID)
This is Walter Summerford. He was struck by lightning three times in his lifetime, then his grave got struck as well.
US Navy released the footage of the 40,000-pound bomb explosion that triggered a M3.9 quake during a "shock trial" on the aircraft carrier USS Gerald R. Ford.
Impressive Holm Oak Known as The Umbrella Tree, Italy
Using computer wipes to get rid of static hair
Rube Goldberg Pizza Machine
I painted this doggo free-hand on paper
Kalani and Jarani are twins. Kalani inherits fair skin from her mother, who is white, and Jarani has brown skin like her dad, who is black. Despite their stark physical differences, they share the same DNA.
Man spent his entire life growing up in the jungles of Vietnam
How dogs curl their tongues to drink water: it’s not like you might think!
Fulgurite is glass formed from lightning striking sand, basically petrified lightning.
The roman wine of speyer is the oldest wine of the world that is still liquid. The bottle has been dated between 325 and 350 AD. It was found in 1867 in a grave and is today in a museum.
I see this same porcupine all the time while hiking (Central PA)
Just a little dance in the ocean
A road which was picked up and moved by a storm
Time for change
SpaceX travel card (concept)
El Castillo Pyramid before and after restoration
Time eroded everything but the angle
Some extra space
This is how Royal Marine - Matthew Croucher threw himself on a grenade and walked away with a nosebleed and George Cross.
Tayeb Souami , a man who went back to return orange juice to save some money ends up winning $315 Million Lottery .
the Arabian leopard, only 200 are left in the wild
Ice Tsunami on the River Amur, Russia!
I used deep nostalgia to animate my husband's grandparents photos and they came out pretty amazing
Painting the curb of the highway
Cats and dogs lapping styles; slow motion video and analysis.
Nils Bohlin, inventor of the three-point seatbel. When Volvo invented the three-point seatbel in 1959, they made the patent free for all competitors to use in order to save lives, because it had more value as a free life-saving tool than something to profit from.
The Rosette Nebula is known for its skull-like shape. It’s 65 light years in radius.
Sun-screen, ink and acrylic painting
One of the longest whips in the world! It his 21st Guinness world record too.
The Devil's Fingers Fungus Is Straight Out Of Alien World
The worlds smallest reptile. Measures at about 14mm (0.55 inches)
I saved up all the pens I finished through highschool
Alternative Martini glass
The way the flowers blend in with the graffiti
I put my art up in my new apartment
This creepy puppet head used in movies. (Are you hearing raspy zombie voices in your head?)
Beijing subway allows riders to pay with plastic bottles, a good way to re-cycle them
An intact 4000 year old pottery from the Indus valley civilization.
The waves on Lake Huron are making a "V." I've never seen this before but I'm not sure if it's a common thing or not.
The Barcelona grid system