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What is this
I’m about to call the police on whoever made this
How does this even happen
Oli London coming out as Korean
Ruining a graduation party for a tik tok
Watch out, he or she is after you
Why do people think like this
Love you dad from a disappointment
Guess the sub
havent cringed from something so awkward in a long time
What could possibly be cringier than r/ FDS..
Jesus Christ what has tiktok become
That beautiful smile.
Edgy church boy!
Onision back at it again
The kid do be vibin' tho
I think it's fair to conclude that I was cringey as a kid.
Do you agree?
wtf is going on
I'm gay now gimme money
What did she see in him?
Happy Family
only see's the mother's love
Can’t be anywhere without seeing theses shit on ig
Douchebag thinks he's the shit and that he's better than everyone else because he has a doctorates degree in music
“bODy POsiTiVItY”
...don’t see the purpose of posting something like this...
emo boy has anger issues 💔
Im not like other girls, im a serial killer
Every classroom
I’m just gonna leave this here (the movie was terrible, trust me)
Yes, this is absolutely true 😁 #girlboss
Putting the big in bigotry.
when the shot is swishy
Thanks, Twitter. (If this is a repost, LMK and I'll take it down!)