Football Capacity Plans for 2021
The Monday Morning Playoff Committee
Ranking the 2021 college football quarterbacks in tiers: From Heisman contenders to up-and-comers
2022 4* LB Shemar James commits to Florida
[OC] Ranking college team's success in the NFL draft based on players' relative success (from Wisconsin at the top to Baylor at the bottom and every school in-between)
2022 4* CB Trevell Mullen commits to Indiana
2022 3* WR Chandler Smith commits to Florida
2022 4* CB Jaeden Gould commits to USC
2022 3* LB Omar Graham Jr commits to FSU
2022 Wyoming at Illinois football game moved to Week Zero
2022 3* LB Martrell Harris commits to Texas A&M
2022 3* LB Isaiah Jones commits to Indiana University
2022 3* WR Landon Ibieta commits to Miami
Oklahoma State QB Brendan Costello transfers to USC
2022 3* WR Jaron Glover commits to Michigan State
2022 3* DL Jaleel Johnson commits to Oklahoma State
2022 3* TE Jake Appleget commits to Nebraska
2022 3* CB Tariq Watson commits to Minnesota
2022 3* CB Aidan Gousby commits to Minnesota
2022 3* DL Jamaal Whyce commits to South Carolina
2022 3* Edge Jack Pyburn commits to Minnesota
2022 3* CB Rhyland Kelly commits to Minnesota
2022 5* K Jai Patel commits to Rutgers
2022 3* ATH Grant Page commits to Nebraska
2022 3* CB Ken Willis commits to Cincinnati
KITV4’s Managing Editor, Robert Kekaula, died suddenly this morning
Historic 12 Game Playoffs - 1900-1909
2022 3* OT Avery Henry Commits to Iowa State
2022 3* WR Jordan Nabors commits to Baylor
2022 3* LB Kaeo Akana commits to Boise State
2021 3* LB Charlie Ely decommits from Appalachian State
2022 3* ATH Oakie Salave'a commits to San Diego State
Contrasting number rule
2021 3* OT Pedro Timoteo commits to Fresno State
2022 3* OT Kaden Weatherby commits to Texas Tech
2022 3* TE Sean Sallis commits to Connecticut
Manning Center, the operations home of Ole Miss Football, set for $35-$40 million renovation, expansion and upgrade project
2022 4* LB Niuafe Tuihalamaka commits to Notre Dame
2022 4* CB Khamauri Rogers commits to Miami
What upcoming OOC or Home-Home series are you most excited about?
1 Non-Conference 2 Game Series You Would Like Your Team to Make & 1 Non-Conference 2 Game Series You Would Like a Team That's Not Your Team to Make
2022 3* LB Aaron Alexander commits to Michigan
2022 3* ATH Xavier Simmons commits to Virginia Tech
2022 3* TE Michael Masunas Commits to Michigan State University
2022 3* TE Matt Hoffman commits to Virginia Tech
2022 3* S Aveon Grose decommits from Pittsburgh
Tennessee DB Kenney Solomon transfers to Tulsa
2022 3* RB CJ Stokes commits to Michigan
2022 3* OT Barrett Nelson Commits to Wisconsin
2022 3* TE Charlie Kenrich commits to Purdue
2022 3* LB AJ Odom commits to Memphis
2022 3* LB Edwin Kolenge commits to Boston College