Juneteenth 2021: Where Past Meets Present
I’m "Ferguson Rises" Director Mobolaji Olambiwonnu and for Juneteenth I Want to Discuss How The Tragic Event In One Small Town In Missouri Has Changed The World. AMA
An important PSA
All you need is an overpriced bud light
Because priorities
Keep that cheek turning nonsense to yourself
Focusing on what’s really important
At least some people got a good celebration out of it though
Happy Juneteenth to the workin men out there!
Covering the contingencies at FIVE
I don’t make the rules
From last year
Appropriate culturation
This is just the synopsis for the latest Tyler Perry joint
how you manage to bag that ??
Heard they got Butterscotch too
Makes you wonder
The kids need to just think for a good fathers day
I know that aint...Nick is wylin'.
J.I.D deleted his tweet later
Let it be know
To much of a realist to actually believe anything about Christianity/Catholicism is actually true
An example of what not to do when crossbreeding. Removed previously for a rule 8 violation.
Can Kids At Least...
The older I get the more of a homebody I am!
Netflix might want to get on top of this.
Stop. Do not drop. Do not shut them down. Do not open up shop.
We Will Not Sleep For Two Hours
Florida will carry the fight
Damn, double homicide
Accept your children for who they are
Its a Juneteenth special.
Happy Juneteenth to all those still in bondage.
Suffer the little children to come to me
Lots of ... interesting responses
Inviting random non blacks to "the cookout" for doing the bare minimum
I know it’s in the afterlife salty asl rn
Rosa Theme Park
Hope you’re all having a good Juneteenth!
LETS CELEBRATE FREEDOM!!! wait no not that kind!
Momma said don't play with fire
Thinking about “Feeling Good” playing at Inauguration hits a lil different now.
"...You vandalize my perception but can't take style from me..."
Jesus take the wheel
Look in that drawer and get the rat tail comb
Bert and Ernie to the rescue
Cheap pump and dump was the best 😩
If you're gonna do it, do it right
That HoustAtlantaVegas flow
She the big dawg😂