1 Teen Dead, Another Critically Injured in California Theater Shooting During ‘Forever Purge’ Screening
People who cater to the super rich; What things have you seen?
Hidilyn Diaz, who received first Olympic gold medal for Philippines, rewarded with $600,000 and two houses
Heroic police officers who defended the US Capitol on January 6
Nevada issues emergency order requiring masks for all – vaccinated or not – starting Friday
1 is the way
Israel launches maximum pressure campaign against Ben & Jerry's
“You got me a puppy?!”
It’s me. I’m the cringe.
Keeping the chicks warm
GameStop to Rebrand EB Games in Canada
Baptiste main is the way
AITA for buying my boyfriend birthday gifts? I am confused and upset
Tifu by accidentally not eating sugar for almost 2 weeks and now the taste is ruining everything.
Know your place sucker
NSW recorded 177 new locally acquired cases of COVID-19 in the 24 hours to 8pm last nigh
To justify why preachers should fly on a private jet.. what a fraud
Wholesome mates
I know she has been getting a lot of hate lately, but the one and only Simone Biles ladies and gentlemen.
My job threatened to withhold my paycheck to ensure no one left early; I responded accordingly.
A Japanese man giving Olympic athletes motivation.
This is the wae
Waited hours to see the holiday train
Love to be a part of it some day!
Driveway turntable
Joey Jordison, founding Slipknot Drummer has died aged 46
Mexican "Influencer" who made a 16 minute video review on a clip that shows an intoxicated underage girl being r*ped by a gang of teenagers with a bottle of champagne while calling her a "wh*re" with "questionable values" has been sued for possession of child pornography by the victim.
Depends who you support
E-mails are going out for the Halo Infinite tech preview for July 29-August 1
A normal day for a gamer.
Rival Monkey tribes fight in the middle of a busy Thailand street stopping traffic.
r/TheLastofUs2 mod quits via long rant - exposing themselves & the problems with the subreddit
Charles Barkley on the Bucks winning the title: "If you’re not happy for Giannis Antetokounmpo, there’s something wrong with you. He represents everything that is great about basketball."
They do be jammin
This right here
[OC] COVID-19 Infections: Serious Unvaccinated vs. Symptomatic Breakthrough Vaccinated (i.e. includes mild and moderate infections)
I rescued this kitten I heard crying in a bush and my parents said I can keep her! What should I name her?
Oregon Rep. Pleads Guilty to Allowing Violent Protesters Into State Capitol Through Backdoor
What do y’all think
Maybe Maybe Maybe
Almost at High Hrothgar, soon I'll find out if I really am Dragonborn.
I’d be fucking furious if my partner spent thousands, even hundreds, on an engagement ring
100% accurate
Have a nice weekend everybody!