Good Ol' Days
Seattle Police, discharged for noncompliance with vaccine mandate, turn in their boots
What is the most controversial opinion you have?
The anatomy of conjoined twins, Brittany and Abbey.
Coming back in 1 or 2 hours
Can I get some random advice about nothing in particular?
First responders face termination as vaccine mandates go into effect
Demon Pronouns
Equality at its finest
[Post Game Thread] The Golden State Warriors (1-0) defeat the Los Angeles Lakers (0-1), 121-114.
Before and after beating cancer.
One of our Cows once won an award for producing over 100,000 KG of milk.
Museum Starts OnlyFans Account After Its TikTok Is Banned for Posting Nudes
17 year old Billie Eilish singing "might seduce your dad type" is pretty sick and idk why the world is still celebrating it 🤷‍♂️
What are the worst books you’ve ever read?
Life on a boat
Kid gets a letter in the mail
'He Isn’t Negotiating, He Is Killing the Bill': Ilhan Omar Slams Joe Manchin | "Thanks to the butchering of Manchin, Sinema, and the greed of their corporate lobbyists," said one critic, the Democrat's Build Back Better plan has been slashed down to just $1.9 trillion in spending.
Video shows Range Rover pushing Insulate Britain activist at sit-in
COVID-19 conspiracy theories thrive on social media platforms *except* Twitter. While engagement with Facebook, YouTube, WhatsApp and Messenger were all associated with an increase in expressed conspiracy beliefs, engagement with Twitter was associated with a reduction in conspiracy beliefs.
Herd of deer came to say hello
Maybe Maybe Maybe
German police officer stops Nazi salute next to a protest
Biden is reportedly cutting free community college from Democrats' social-spending bill
More than 99.9 percent of scientific studies agree humans caused climate change
I’m confident 99% of corporate work is complete BS. I’m working two high paid jobs right now and it feels like a joke.
The Media Right Now
Vibrating wind turbine
BTC JUST BROKE IT'S ATH! To all people that HODLED during these difficult months: YOU'RE ALL LEGENDS!
What can I say? I love magic
Excuse me human in case you forgot the treats are right here.
Hey hun, think we can write bad payroll checks and the employees won’t notice?
That's a great suggestion.
‘Dune’ Receiving Earlier Streaming Release on HBO Max - 'Dune' will be released theatrically on October 22 and on HBO Max on October 21, 6 p.m. EST.
cursed candace
For those of us keeping track
The "Fuck You, I Liked It" Starter Pack
My boi Jar Jar is more intellegent than the guy who wrote that article...
Stabilisation Phase extended to Nov 21; more time needed to stabilise COVID-19 situation: MOH
Unexpected Takeoff
Land of the free?
When you come for Brazil but forget you live in the US.
American healthcare in a nutshell
Student: You made it hard so I'm gonna make it hard to check
TIL that the 6th Dalai Lama rejected living as a monk, and instead spent his life womanizing, drinking, and writing love poems and songs
Snoop in Mandalorian Armour
Lady tries to bum a cigarette
Titanfall 1914
He has a point
The worst part of Squid Game (Spoilers) - ProZD
A shoe with UV treatment
My indoor cat’s first time experiencing heights & he instantly regretted it 😂
Is this a good trade or am I being scammed?
[Fischer] “Zion has reached north of 300 pounds this offseason, sources said, again fueling concerns among New Orleans staffers. When he joined the team’s recent preseason trip, league personnel were struck by his heavier appearance than his playing weight last season of 284 pounds.”
Found on Tiktok
Text I got from my friend after we already called and talked the previous night.
Apple’s Product Design Has Improved Since Jony Ive Left
EU countries pushing to label nuclear power as green energy
Happy birthday to Tommy Douglas, who brought single-payer universal healthcare to Canada! His beliefs that anyone should have access to healthcare regardless of their income has become a strong part of Canadian pride and identity.
Had a date last night, it went really, really well. However, she believes the Earth is flat unironically.
The beginning of the end of the Isis caliphate , five years later it had lost over 95% of its territory , 2014
CB complains about an NFT he was given for free worth thousands of dollars.
Change in Net Worth for Top 20 U.S. Billionaires During the Pandemic [OC]
Employee of the month
Togepi crewneck i embroidered. Suggestions on which Pokémon to do next?
I honestly couldn't have predicted any other outcome
even in pakistan, gaandu means asshole btw
We made a lifelong dream come true last week and bought a cabin in the woods.
Daph Announces Exciting New Product
I don't know what I've done but I've got infinite flight from one rocket?
Told my girlfriend i’m bisexual, she left me
Hi I’m a journalist and I understand this piece of media better than the creator does
Can someone explain what the issue was with the cob planet in S2: E11
The world’s biggest private tax havens
I can count every pixel
At first I thought I will not make it. But there's still plenty of space.
My cat (Dutchee) malfunctioning.
I'm doing a costume a day for the month of October. Today I'm Frank "The Trashman" Reynolds
How the turn tables.
Intro to economic classes
uh oh, another skin for 40 dollars!
What's going on with r/antiwork and the "Great Resignation"?
In a Q&A, Riot confirmed they want the game to be short, high length instakill fests, because it caters to Chinese players.
[ART] I redesigned the displacer beast
Pure inspirational
im at 6, how about you?
The last photograph of Lenin was in May 1923, months before he died, with his doctor and his sister.[1440x1972]
Not sure if this counts, but hired a DJ 7 months ago for my own wedding which is about a month away, and received this response when informed that anyone without vaccinations just needed to take an on-site rapid test that we would be paying for and providing.
Reddit Adjusted Trade Values Week 7 – Hold your RBs tight!
Yeah I'm with you on this.
Worth it? Money isn’t an issue